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MSeries's Fixture Library log. The changelog of the Onyx Fixture Library is computed and available in detail after this small resume: Arts& Architecture TV. TV Productions.

Fashion Fashion Shows. Public, Sports& Special Events. This page shows a selection of our moving lights. We constantly adjust our inventory to requirements. GLP Impression X4S. 7 OsramTM HighPower RGBW LEDs JR Lighting Design Provides Christian Life Center with GLP impression X4S LED System When the Christian Life Center (CLC) in Tinley Park, Illinois, wanted to supplement its existing technical infrastructure and add automated lighting technology to its services, the organization brought in lighting consultant, Jason Main Drape: Burnt Orange Velour Traveler, manual operation from stage right Legs: Four a side with German Masking in Black Velour on tracks (Runs UpstageDownstage) 16 x GLP Impression Spot One, 400 watt LED colour mixing source 8 x GLP X4s 4 x ROBE DL73 Profile, 800watt 7 colour led engine 4 x Elation ACL 360 BAR moving head fixture We ended up using 6 Impression X4s and 8 Volkslicht Spots.

says that his operators are usually very keen to learn about Vista especially as they dont have to choke on a manual to get some basics The Vista T2 controls a wide mix of lighting fixtures including 40 Martin Professional MAC 2K profiles and 12 x GLP Impression moving Draft Manual Rigging and Fire Safety Curtain Standards Available for Review.

Sheffield Hallam University Creates Performing Arts Technical Facilities with the Help of A. C. Special Projects. GLP Impression X4S Makes Touring Debut with Toby Keith. GLP German Light Products GmbH (Instruction version: 1. 1) from software version: V1. 09 5 2 Preparation and Installation 2.

1 Safety information The IMPRESSION X4S fixtures from GLP is fitted with a number of planoconvex lenses in a highly efficient collimator cluster. Martial arts equipment Skateboarding& skating Smoke machines Sport protective gear impression X4 S v13 User Manual. v1. 16 5 GLP German Light Products GmbH 2 Preparation and Installation 2. 1 Safety information The IMPRESSION X4S fixture from GLP is fitted with a number of planoconvex lenses in a highly efficient collimator cluster Anders Heberling digs deep into the LED portfolio for largest party ever GLPs awardwinning X4 Bar 20s recently had a starring role in Carlsbergs perennial Green Door Projec GLP Impression X4S LED moving lights were used in the lower lobby of the building, as well as in a simulated concert stage area showcasing yet another wellknown Hasbro brand, Littlest Pet Shop.

" The smaller size of the X4S made them a perfect fixture for our 12'ceilings, " said Farley. Lighting designers' choices are often the product of very careful consideration. It's like how some people are either Mac people or PC people. You probably see the brand preference thing play out on your own tech team over and over. But the truth is, technical equipment userscertainly PURCHASING MANUALGOVERNING RULES: This solicitation and any resulting contract shall be subject to the provisions of the Commonwealth of Virginia Purchasing Manual for Institutions of Higher Education and their Vendor's, and any revisions thereto, and the Governing Rules, which are hereby incorporated into this contract in their entirety.

Read about it in our news section. Call us: ; Share. United States (USA) Our Services. Please select a segment: Corporate Events. Management Team. 16 GLP Impression X4 28 GLP Impression X4S 74 PRG Icon Edge They had an excellent arts department and the teachers and the students were very enthusiastic.

In addition to the worlds highest arts space and concert hall in the Shanghai Tower.all while eliminating lamp changes and manual refocusing. TECHNICAL INFORMATION LIGHTING& VISUAL 16 x GLP