Ribbon cable connectors repair manuals

Feb 24, 2013В  The problem is definitely the cable. Simple fix right? Wrong! I have contacted Samsung service and have purchased the service manuals as they requested so that I could give them the part number. After not finding the cable on the list of components, I contacted them again. They told me to make an appointment with an First insert the cable and slide the shim on top into the connector as tightly as you can.

(This is assuming the connection points of the cable are down toward the pcboard, of course. ) In most cases there is a bit of space above the Cut the ribbon cable about 12inch from the end that needs repair, making sure that the cut is clean and perpendicular to the cable.

Step Align the connector with the cable so that the conductor marked with a colored strip on Sep 20, 2012В  Once you have fixed a thin ribbon cable (and its just a strait piece of cable with the same end connectors), it helps to swap the whole cable around, so the parts of the cable that have been stressed most often end up in a location where they dont move at all.

Mar 01, 2010 To repair ribbon cable, expose the ends of the ribbon wires. Fine sandpaper (say 600 grade) usually achieves this is, but personally i used a fine razor blade. " You only need to abrade about 12mm of the insulation for this and only on ONE side of the ribbon.

Aug 02, 2014В  Topic: Repair of damaged ribbon cable (Read times) K2OWK. I have tried to repair the damaged end by stripping back the plastic trace conductor covering, but each time I try I damage the trace. After many attempts and destroying the end, I realized that the connector was not a push in type, but a type that you place the cable iPad 2 Teardown Repair Guide. Home; Repair Guides; Replacement Dock Connector Charging Charger Port Flex Cable for iPad 2 1.

45 view details. Long Flex Cable LCD PCB Mainboard Ribbon Circuit Cord Connection for iPad 2 1. 00 view details. iPad 2 3G Logic Board 16GB (Verizon) Find great deals on eBay for ribbon cable repair.

Shop with confidence. Jan 14, 2015В  Easy 5 minute fix for broken ribbon cable connector. How to make a simple plastic insert, to fix damaged ribbon cable connectors. Ribbon cable connectors repair manuals VGNAW220J keyboard Took apart and cleaned all my ribbon cable connectors (all off at once). Also took off and cleaned and reseated all Mackie 1604 Vlz3 16 Channel Mixer question FFC, FPC& Ribbon Connectors. main; This type of connector is designed to mate cable and PC board circuitry in wiretoboard devices.

Our portfolio of flexible film products includes flexible film cable (FFC) and flexible printed cable (FPC). AMPLATCH Ribbon Connectors. Our AMPLATCH ribbon cable interconnects offer Jan 02, 2017 Souce of hifi ribbon connector leads I have a Technics CH7 4 separates hifi system.

The black Audio Players& Recorders question Oct 13, 2011 Oven Repair (including Ranges and Cooktops). " Is there a service manual or somewhere you can point me to get the control board configured properly?

Thanks in advance. # 4 It's the ribbon cable connector on the new control board that is different. The ribbon cable comes from the key pad assembly.