Nobeltec time zero manual transfer

Apr 21, 2011 Trident can be fully integrated to a wide range of hardware, and is natively compatible with the Nobeltec InSight radar line, certain Furuno MFDs, radars and sounders, and even Flir MSeries Marks and Routes transfer to GPS () Free Nobeltec GRIB Weather and Ocean data service (Rain, Cloud, Air Temperature, Wind, Waves, Oceanic Currents, Pressure, SST, Nobeltecs is not trying to make Time Zero all things for all people (the iPad may simply be the wrong tool for that), but choose to do a few things very well for a very specifically defined audience.

Nobeltec TimeZero Catch v. Creating a Route. 32 Nobeltec V2. about. contact. blog. A realtime marine chart app for real sailors! TIMEZERO is the best marine navigation app for coastal sailing.

Discover TZ iBoat. Professional Software. The latest generation of marine navigation software and the one sole product suiting all the needs of professionals at sea. TZ Navigator comes with a suite of new features that will dramatically increase your safety onboard.

The new security cone is a feature in adherence with the official rules of the IMO. It takes into account the information of vector charts in order to detect isolated dangers and shallow areas.

This is another razor for MaxSeas blades (aka charts). Which is good for everyone who uses Time Zero charts (like me). First they bring out Trident and call it a new product and therefore offer a high transfer price and worse still all of our old Maxpro charts are unusable.

but I saw a preliminary manual for Nobeltec I already purchased charts on a TIMEZERO Platform (TIMEZERO on PC, Nobeltec TIMEZERO on PC, Furuno NavNet 3D or NavNet TZtouch); can my existing charts be used with the TIMEZERO App on the iPad?

Can I use the FURUNO App and the TZ App at the same time (switch back and forth)? Is or will the TZ App be compatible Advanced Route Planning Wizard (Route Departure Time Optimization according to Tidal Current) AntiGrounding Cone (alarm in real time Save time and fuel with the Route Wizard. Marine Charts Your marine charts are what you rely on to know where you can sail and that is why TIMEZERO offers updated charts at least once a year.

Upgrade your charts. For added security and peace of mind, use the latest version of your favorite charts. Upgrade Now! Nobeltec TimeZero Odyssey can utilize information from many different instruments on your boat.

A GPS will be the most common type of instrument used, but depth sounders, speed sensors, wind vanes, and AIS receivers can also supply information to Nobeltec TimeZero Odyssey. TimeZero Identity Home Page. Don't have a My TIMEZERO account yet? Create an account Navigate with vision! MaxSea marine software and charts grant you more performance and safety while sailing. If you have technical problems, please click on the Support request form button.

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