Hysecurity strongarm m50 manual

24VDC operator with builtin control unit and two loop detectors The SlideDriver 80 Modular is a powerful hydraulic slide gate operator for heavy gates with controls located remotely for unique mounting situations. Find HySecurityNice manuals for our gate operators and accessories here. Installation Manuals. 1050 Control Board EMX IRBRET Addendum. 1050 Control Board Programming& Operations Manual.

1500 Installation Reference Manual. StrongArm M50 Installation Instructions. HySecurity gate operators exceed the perimeter security requirements of hardened crash security, high security, industrial, commercial, parking and access control and residential sites around the world.

Nice Home and Building Automation. HySecurity commercial, industrial, high security, crash and parking gate operators and accessories. CRASHM50 www. hysecurity. com For specifications, tech support, n Hand pump for manual operation n n Integrated encoder produces smooth, easy on hardware, arm movement n StrongArm (M50) TM Contact HySecurity for an operatorparts distributor near you. Programming& Operations Manual with HySecurity Smart DC Controller This document provides Important Safety Information, specifications, and references along with an overview of programming user and installer menu options, designing vehicle loop layouts, troubleshooting, and maintaining the gate operator.

www. hysecurity. com SlideDriver 50VF23 (X3) program a sequenced gate is described in the StrongArm M30 Programming and Operations Manual, available online at www. hysecurity. com. The information will soon be available in the SlideDriver Installation and Reference Manual Models SlideDriver 50VF23 Apr 08, 2014В  This gate operator is a CRASH CERTIFIED (AntiRam crash barrier arm operator) barrier arm that provides ultimate hardened security with unmatched user safety for the StrongArm M50 is a high cycle, M50P2 crash tested, fortified barrier arm.

This operator runs with the ultrareliability of HySecuritys 30 year proven hydraulics, the flexibility, power, and reliability of HySecuritys programmable Smart Touch Controller, and unique functional and safety benefits. Contact HySecurity to receive a copy of the ASTM F M50P2 Crash Test Certification. StrongArm M50 received a P2 rating with penetration limited to 1. 17 m. HySecurity antiram crash wedge barriers protect government, power, aviation, data centers, petrochemical, Department of State and Department of Defense sites.

Apr 08, 2014 This gate operator is a CRASH CERTIFIED (AntiRam crash barrier arm operator) barrier arm that provides ultimate hardened security with unmatched user safety for the demanding reliability UPS backup for ALL HySecurity Variable Frequency (VF) operators including SlideDriver VF23, HydraSwing and StrongArmCrash.

ALL 1 hp or less AC hydraulic operators which run on single phase, V including SlideDriver 15& 40, StrongArm hydraulic, SwingRiser single leaf models. M5BAR is a sleek, energy efficient 24VDC access control barrier arm. Modular design for 10 to 16 ft (3 to 5 m) arm with field adjustable OpenClose time of 3 6 seconds. 350 cycleshr. Model operates with XBA3U control board.