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Crystal Engineering develops products used to measure pressure, to calibrate other pressure measuring equipment and to diagnose the performance of equipment that depends on pressures within it Crystal Engineering Company, Inc.

is dedicated to the highest level of customer satisfaction and the enhancement of our quality management system. This is achieved through a companywide culture of continual improvement and supported by longstanding partnerships with our suppliers. Buy Crystal Engineering IS PSI online on IndustrialZone. We provide fast lead times and world wide shipping on all products in addition to many other Crystal Engineering products. SerialDL: SerialDL is a free command line program that will log data from any 30 Series pressure calibrator and create a comma delimited text file that can be easily opened with other applications like Microsoft Excel spreadsheets or Access databases.

The 30 Series is a wide range pressure calibrator that fits easily into a shirt pocket with 0. 05 of reading accuracy. There are no external transducers! Everything is built in! There are two models to choose from: Model 31s have one sensor, while Model 33s have two sensors. All low pressure sensors 16 psi and 36 psi can measure full vacuum. Crystal Engineering, Mansfield& Green, and Jofra are just some of the worldleading brands manufactured and supplied by AMETEK Sensors, Test& Calibration.

Our mission is to produce pressure, temperature, and process measuring equipment and calibrators that serve a wide range of industries in compliance to international standards. Crystal Engineering IS31 Single Sensor Digital Pressure Calibrator OUR PRICE: 1, 725. 00 The Crystal Engineering IS31 is a single sensor pressure calibrator that gives you a 0.

05 of reading accuracy and resist damage from overpressure. Crystal Engineering Model IS33 Carrying Case (ONLY when Pump System Selected) This Ametek Crystal Engineering IS33 Dual Sensor Digital Pressure Calibrator is equipped with 36 PSI and 3000 PSI sensor. Model 33: 485 g (17. 0 oz) Housing: Extruded aluminum. Keypad and Labels: engineering corporation Operating Instructions To ensure safe and accurate operation, please be familiar with the following warnings: WARNINGS Severe injury or damage can occur through improper use of pressure instruments!

Do not exceed recommended pressure limits of tubing and fittings. Be certain all pressure connections are secured. Services Production Metal Stamping HighSpeed Stamping: Using stateoftheart Bruderer presses, we create many different products, including Sems washers, shims, spacers and Crystal Engineering IS33 Dual Sensor Digital Pressure Calibrator.

Zoom. Part Number: IS33. Manufacturer: Crystal Crystal Engineering Model IS33 Carrying Case (ONLY when Pump System Selected) Crystal Engineering IS33 Dual Sensor Digital Pressure Calibrator How do you rate this product? 1 star 2 stars 3 stars Crystal Engineering is known for producing some of the most reliable, safe, and accurate pressure measurement tools in the industry designed with the capabilities to replace multiple devices and the durability to withstand the harshest field environments.