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While users may notice several changes in this update, the most significant revision to the 2018 BARS Manual centers on reporting schedules for cities The Digital Audit Connection Office of the Washington State Auditor State Auditor Pat McCarthy BARS Manual Local Government Resources Current versions of the BARS manuals are located below, for either GAAP or Cash Basis government types including cities, counties, and special purpose districts.

Office of the Washington State Auditor. Menu Skip to content. Home; About; Search. Search for: BARS Pensions and other postemployment benefits (OPEB) update.

December 18, 2017 December 18, 2017 auditconnectionwa. The BARS Manual also includes our Equipment Rental& Revolving Fund Guidance Washington State Auditor's Office Local Government Support Team with assistance from State and Local Agencies. Acknowledgements: Reporting System (BARS) manual, volume 1, part 3, chapter 7, section G. In pre GASB 34 reporting the use double quotes to search for an exact phrase. Manual Year: Sub Menu. Main Menu. About Us State Auditor Pat McCarthy The State Auditors Office (SAO) is required by state law (RCW ) to prescribe uniform budgeting, accounting, and reporting systems that local governments must follow.

The prescribed reporting requirements prepared by SAO are available in the GAAP and CashBasis Budgeting, Accounting, and Reporting System(BARS) manuals. The Washington State Auditor is an independently elected executive office of the Government of Washington State. (BARS) that applied to all local government, and the consolidation of the statewide, federal Single Audit Acts (also known as the SWSA).

In 1982, the Legislature authorized the Whistleblower Program, allowing public employees to State Auditor Pat McCarthy The current version of the BARS Manual is available on our website.

State of Washington Single Audit Fiscal Year 2017. This summary of the statewide Single Audit looks at several key programs with audit findings and questioned costs. Click the 'view report' link to read the report and explore an online BUDGETING, ACCOUNTING AND REPORTING SYSTEM (BARS) for Conservation Districts BARS manual was rearranged to comply with the format of others BARS manuals. The following overview refers to page numbers in the reformatted manual. the State Auditors Office (RCW ).