Imeco cooling tower xlp manual

XL EVAPORATIVE COOLING PRODUCTS GENERAL INFORMATION S IOM (NOV 07) Page 3 PREFACE This manual has been prepared to XLP Rejection Model (MBH) ML 490 7, 203. 0 XL 495 7, 276. 5 L 505 7, 423. 5 XL 505 7, 423. 5 L 510 7, 497. 0 ML 520 7, 644. 0 L 520 7, 6 4. 0 XL 530 7, 791. 0 XL 535 7, 864. 5 Imeco 12 Heat XLP Rejection Model MBH) LlOlO2 14, 847. 0 XLI0I02 1 4, 8 7.

0 L 1 4, 99. 0 ML 15, 288. Ll0402 15, 2 8. 0 XLI 06 2 1 5, 82. 0 XLI 072 15, 29. IMC Series Imeco Cooling Tower Accessories: The switches require a manual reset at the switch to insure that the operator visits the affected fanmotor before restarting. Vibration limit switches are design to limit the damage that can be done to the fan assembly when one component either fails or is about to fail thus reducing both cost They are able to repair different types of cooling towers such as Baltimore Aircoli cooling tower, imeco cooling tower, Evapco cooling tower, TriThermal Cooling tower, Ceramic cooling tower, Pritchard cooling tower and so many others.

Jan 25, 2013 Stock No: RCSA01 2007 Imeco XLP Evaporative Condenser. Model: XLPL635 RH. SN:. Nominal Rating (R22): 635 Tons. Evaporative Cooling Towers Duration: 5: 37. Baltimore Aircoil IMECO has achieved and maintains the ISO 9001, ISO& OHSAS standards by Bureau Veritas. Site Map International Mechanical& Parts& Service We, at imeco, strongly believe that the quality of an industrial equipment manufacturer emerges with the quality of his products but it will be consolidated with the level of after sales services he will be able to provide.

xlp2 evaporative condenser this manual contains rigging, assembly, startup, and maintenance instructions. read thoroughly before beginning installation. failure to follow these instructions could result in damage or improper operation of the unit. Imeco EFCIDFC EVAPORATIVE FLUID COOLERS For Water or Water Glycol Mixtures Form 440.

10SED1 (MAY 2008) SPECIFICATIONS ENGINEERING DATA Our XLP2 Evaporative Condensers are forced draft style industrial condensers that combine low energy consumption with easy maintenance access for a oneofakind cooling CAPACITY FACTORS TOTAL HEAT OF REJECTION EXAMPLE 2 Hermetic Compressors Known: Refrigerant R22 Compressor Evaporator Capacity 100 tons Compressor KW 75 Condensing Temperature 95F Wet Bulb Temperature 76F J To find a Imeco york evaporative condenser manual, you only need to visit our website, which hosts a as recommended specifications for the procurement York imeco free books and manuals cooling towers imeco evaporative condenser Evaporative condenser industrial Imeco cooling tower parts download 2002 Imeco York XLP Imeco XLP Series Evaporative Condenser 805 Tons Mfg: Imeco Model: XLP XL 805 Stock No: AANF547.

22a Serial No: LH. Imeco Evaporative Condenser.