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Direct Supply Attendant Bladder Scanner into Consultant for Direct Supply, Inc. Accessories one roll of printer paper, power cord, owners manual, quickstart guide and continence protocol kit Direct Supply Attendant Bladder Scanner Direct Supply Attendant Sep 19, 2013 Learning to use the Attendant Bladder Scanner from Direct Supply is easy, thanks to its intuitive controls, designed specifically for use in Long Term Care direct supply attendant scale manual direct supply attendant reset The Attendant Vital Signs Monitor delivers SpO2, NIBP, pulse rate and temperature readings.

As bladder scanner technology has improved and our knowledge has expanded, bladder scanners have gone from being an expensive dust collector to an essential tool to help residents suffering from urinary incontinencerelated issues in communities everywhere. Direct Supply Clinical Product Consultant Renae Buyeske helps providers select Direct Supply Attendant Bladder Scanner Safely, accurately and noninvasively measure bladder volume Help reduce the need for unnecessary catheterization Provide a higher level of care with this affordable equipment Integrate as part of your comprehensive continence promotion programs directsupply.

com Utilize EvidenceBased Best Practices to Enhance Continence Promotion Product Resources. Leverage the knowledge of our Senior Living product experts, who have created an array of demos, calculators, sidebyside comparisons and more. Shop for Bladder Scanners products and accessories from Direct Supply the leading provider of Senior Living solutions. Check out multiple products under Bladder Scanner available for online sale at Cardiac Direct BioCon 500 Bladder Scanner with Printer As part of a urinary continence program, the portable, 3D BioCon500 Bladder Scanner (nonreturnable) with prescan feature allows caregivers to scan the resident's bladder, at bedside, with the device's wand to determine if Research and shop for Attendant Prodigy Bladder Scanner from Direct Supply the leading provider of Senior Living solutions.

Fully automated bladder scanner eliminates the need for manual detection; No longer necessary to manually aim the probe to find the bladder; CMS defines a Physical Restraint as any manual method, physical or mechanical device equipment, or material that meets ALL of the following criteria: Watch Direct Supplys webinar on Requirements of Participation How Do I Choose the Right Bladder Scanner? April 13, 2018. Leave a Watch videoВ  Introducing the Attendant Prodigy Bladder Scanner from Direct Supply.

For more information on the Attendant Prodigy Bladder Scanner, contact your account manager at or visit DirectSupply. com. NOTE: This video is not a replacement for the owners manual. Please consult with your facility management and make sure you have