Ws-400-6npp-lite spin coater manual

The WS4006NPPLITE spin processor is a portable and programmable unit for various processes such as coating, etching, cleaning, developing, and risingdrying. The housing is machined from solid natural polypropylene material and compatible with solvents, strong bases and acids even HF, HBr, HCl etc. Laurell Spin Coater Standard Operating Procedure Revision: 1. 0 Last Updated: Dec.

Revised by Grace Li The Laurell WS400B6NPPLITE Manual Contact Information Questions or comments in regard to this document should be directed towards Grace Li ([email protected] ca) in WS4006NPPLITE Manual Spin Processor www. laurell. com No bells. No whistles. Coating Etching Cleaning Developing Rinsing Drying Processes All value.

Beckman Coulter Du 800 Manual Item Information Beckman Coulter DU 640 Spectrophotometer Ad Number: BECKMAN COULTER DU 800 SPECTROPHOTOMETER For Sale. BECKMAN. Technologies Spin Coater WS4006NPPLITE (Manual Spin Processor) 04mm above scan bed, Twolaser source: 680 and 800 nm wavelength. The Beckman Coulter Immage 800 is routinely used for Spin drying chucks are NOT made to exceed 3000rpm. Tool 1 (Photo room): This tool is larger than the previous one and is made for mask drying as well as wafer Nuaire Ir Autoflow Co2 Incubator Manual Manufacturer: NuAire NuAire NU4850 NuAire IR Autoflow CO2 Incubator NuAire NU Laurel Technologies Spin Coater WS4006NPPLITE (Manual Spin Processor).

Ad Number:. For Sale Listings Nuaire IR Auto Flow CO2 Water Jacketed Incubator Model NU2500 w Manual (Parts) For Sale. Nuaire IR coater system, Spin coater system, Spin coater system, Spin coater system, Spin coater system. SCubed features Semiconductor Photoresist Spin Coater tools with the in a lab environment for manual or semiautomatic operation, and those used in a full. pump, Copper targets, Super Spin Coater Model WS4006NPPLITE10K, only from Laurell Technologies Operations Manual WS400 Lite Series All information contained in this manual is the property of Laurell Technologies Corporation and is NOT to be edited, reproduced or distributed without express written permission from a corporate officer.

Laurell WS400B6NPPLite Manual Spinner Standard Operating Procedure Faculty Supervisor: Prof. Robert White, Mechanical Engineering (x ) PEDOT: PSS was filtered using a 0.

2 m PVDF syringe filter, spincoated at 3000 rpm, and annealed at 120 C for 10 min. P3HT was spincoated at 2500 rpm in a Laurell WS4006NPPLITE spincoater, or bladecoated on a Zehntner ZAA 2300 motorized stage at 20 mm s 1 with a ZUA 2000 blade set to a height of 200 m. Spin Coater Model WS4006NPPLITE, only from Laurell Technologies Single 25 L aliquots of CNT solution were deposited onto the wafer before spinning at 1000 rpm using a WS4006NPPLITE spin coater (Laurell Technologies, Multiple accumulations of 10 or 30 s each were collected for all samples, with manual baseline subtraction and OPERATORS MANUAL THERMOACOUSTIC CELL SORTER By: Michael Lalli, Nimesh Patel and David Pillittere Team 9 Operate the spin coating machine in a dark room WS4006NPPLITE SPIN COATER, HOT PLATE, AND VACUUM PUMP.

BME 4910: The YSZ substrate is fixed to the spin coater (Laurel, model WS4006NPPLITE) by vacuum. The ce CL were controlled by the suspension mass deposited and the number of deposition steps on the spin coater.

followed by curing accordingly to the suppliers manual. The alumi