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Ranger RCI Superstar SS158EDX 10 Meter Export Radio Review. The first time I saw this radio it was love at first sight.

A couple of years ago I owned a General Longstreet and it was one of the loudest and best sounding mobiles on both AM and SSB. 2 CHAPTER 1 SPECIFICATIONS 1. 0 GENERAL Model SS158EDX Channels 480FM, 480AM, 480LSB, 480USB, Frequency Range 28. 245 29. 655 MHz Frequency Control PhaseLockloop (PLL) Synthesizer Superstar 158EDX (B) Service manual.

Superstar 180 Schematics (Hard to read) Superstar 190 Schematics. Superstar 210 Schematics. Superstar 240 Export modification sheet (French) Superstar 360 Schematics. Superstar 360 Service manual (French) Superstar 1700B S Frequency Charts secretcbvol22 p21. Manuals (Courtesy of Rick Jackson) Owner's manual.

Service manual. Diagrams (Courtesy of Rick Jackson) Schematic Diagram Schematic Diagram (MOSFET finals version) Main PCB Layout (Bipolar) Main PCB Layout (MOSFET) CH Switch PCB (EPT Z).

Stock Pictures and Specifications of the Superstar 158EDX Mobile Export Radio Plaatje en Specificaties van de Superstar 158EDX Mobiele Export Radio The SS158EDX is a reliable mid priced 10 meter AMFMSSBCW mobile radio.

With 25 watts peak AM, 10 watts RMS FMCW, 25 watts PEP SSB, it provides high performance along with features such as a 6digit frequency counter, MicRF gain, and dual finals. Featuring 6 Pin Molex Superstar and much more available on sale online. Featuring 6 pin molex superstar in stock and ready for shipping today! MANUAL TRANSFER SWITCH BUYER'S GUIDE: How to pick the perfect manual transfer switch for your emergency generator. The experts at Electric Generators Direct give advice on how to determine the best manual transfer switch for your needs.

Follow these expert tips and purchase the manual transfer switch that will work best for your Manual Transfer Switches The Manual Transfer Switch allows the owner to start up a generator and restore power to predesignated, critical circuits when utility power is not available.

Suitable for residential and light commercial applications, they are a simple way to provide owners with a high level of safety and comfort. View and Download Super Star SS158EDX service manual online. SS158EDX Radio pdf manual download. Also for: Ss158edxb. Nov 29, 2008 The Defpom Forum, for RadioMods, S& M Software and Music by The Defpom. This forum is for discussions on CB radio matters (RadioMods Website), software support with S& M Software, and discussion about my own music.

Test Your Knowledge Ranger Superstar 158EDX MOSFET model. Ranger RCI Superstar SS158EDX Review. Stock mike, mike hanger clip, mounting bracket, side mounting screws, power cord, and owners manual.

I purchased my radio online and it was delivered promptly and without any issues whatsoever. My radio was delivered via UPS and I couldn't wait to use it.