V.smile tv learning system manual

You can quickly download a VTech product manual from the VTech website. Alternatively we can send a product manual in the post. As part of the V. SmileTM TV Learning System, VTech offers a library of game Smartridges TM based on popular childrens characters that engage and encourage your child to play while learning. The V. Smile TV Learning System is a brilliant breakthrough in TV gaming that combines a video game platform and educational content with a system that plugs directly into your television!

This awardwinning system plays Smartridges that are made especially for three to seven year olds, and features popular characters like Dora, Spiderman Connect the V. Smile TV Learning System to your TV or monitor by plugging V.smile tv learning system manual colored cables on the unit into the matching color video and audio input jacks on your TV set.

For TVs with stereo audio inputs: Connect the yellow plug on the V. Smile cable to the yellow video input terminal on your TV. Vtech VSmile Learning System Instructions. The VSmile Learning System is an educational video gaming system that is designed for young children ages 3 to 7. This Vtech system connects to the TV and works using a variety of VSmile Smartridges which are sold separately.

Search among more than user manuals and view them online in. pdf The V. Smile TV Learning System is a unique video gaming system created especially for younger players. With V. Smile, children can take off on wonderful journeys to a variety of places such as an amusement park, a cartoon world, or even a Preview VTech Baby Care V.

Smile Motion Active Learning System Owner's Manual Page 7 Online and Download PDF Manuals& Instructions for FREE from Manualagent.