Openvms cobol user manual

For information about debugging code in supervisor, executive, or kernel modes (that is, in other than user mode), see the OpenVMS DeltaXDelta Debugger Manual in the OpenVMS documentation set. This manual contains information about debugging programs that run in privileged processor mode or at an elevated interrupt priority level. The OpenVMS System Manager's Manual, for information about accessing remote nodes The Digital TCPIP Services for OpenVMS User's Guide, for information about using TCPIP user utilities and On OpenVMS systems, if no file type is supplied, HP COBOL supplies the default file extension DAT.

On Tru64 UNIX systems, the extensions dat and idx are appended, but only in the case of indexed files. Compaq COBOL User Manual. Previous: Contents: Index: Return of the Function Value. A function is a routine that returns a single value to the calling routine. System routines are documented in detail in the OpenVMS RTL Library (LIB) Manual and OpenVMS is a multiuser, multiprocessing virtual memorybased operating system (OS) designed for use in timesharing, batch processing, and transaction processing.

When process priorities are suitably adjusted, it may approach realtime operating system characteristics. In addition, languagespecific RTL routines support procedures in Ada, BASIC, C, COBOL, Fortran, Pascal, and PLI as well as in POSIX C.

Compaq C RTL routines support 64bit programming on OpenVMS Alpha systems. OpenVMS is a generalpurpose, multiuser operating system that offers immunity to both planned and unplanned downtime with proven continuous computing, including disastertolerant, multisite clusters at an open system price. HPCOBOL UserManual Order Number: AAQ2G1HTK This manual provides information that helps you develop HP COBOL programs for the OpenVMS Alpha, OpenVMS Industry Standard 64, OpenVMS VAX, and Tru64 UNIX platforms.

RevisionUpdate Information: This manual supersedes the Compaq COBOL User Manual, Version 2. 8 and the VAX COBOL User Manual Openvms Cobol User Manual I have a question re a problem with VMS Cobol on Alpha& Integrity and controlling From page 672 of the Cobol reference Manual, I suspec that one of hte.

DECnet for OpenVMS Networking Manual, for information about networks 4. 2 Understanding File Names and File Specifications A file is a unit that the OpenVMS operating system uses to store humanreadable and machinereadable data. OpenVMS Documentation. Added documentation for HPE COBOL for OpenVMS Version 2.

9 Line Printer, and LPA11K IO User's Reference Manual. OpenVMS VAX Device Support Manual. OpenVMS VAX Device Support Reference Manual. OpenVMS Wide Area Network IO User's Reference Manual. For more information about using Oracle CDDRepository and creating and maintaining text libraries, refer to the HP COBOL Reference Manual and Using Oracle CDDRepository on OpenVMS Systems.

Compiling an HP COBOL Program on OpenVMS