99 ek auto to manual

99 Ek Auto To Manual Swap CLICK HERE these do manual conversion may be safely kept in your computer for future repair work. If you realise your do manual CIVIC EK AUTO TO MANUAL CONVERSION.

Last update 9900 Civic Installation Instructions. WHEK02 Kseries. An individual ek auto to manual conversion may have many name. May 04, 2004 You need the manual transmission computer for your car.

The auto one will work but you will get a CEL code 19, transmission lockup. Also, you will have speed limiter problems. Usually you can find a computer on ebay for about 50. The 9698 computer has different pinouts then the 9900 computer. Now here is the problem with the computer. Apr 18, 2011 96 dx auto to manual conversion Discussion in 'Civic and del Sol EG and EK' started by nastylude, Aug 16, 2006. Jan 20, 2008 99 ek auto to manual swap when doing an auto to manual swap in a 99 ek do you need an auto to manual swap mount like when doing the 9295 swap.

I havent seen any advertised or been able to find any info on this. Sep 18, 2010 Auto to Manual Conversion Since all models of Hondas are available manual automatic, with a hydro tranny because the hole is already there on EG's and EK's. Dec 01, 2014 Go to honda and buy 3 qt. s of manual trans fluid, and buy the shift linkage pin for the trans, should be less than 15. Also get the dust cover for the trans so no dirt of water gets thrown into the bell housing of the trans.

Sep 05, 2011 hey guys i tried searching but did not find anything for my application. i am doing an auto to manual swap on my 99 civic sedan and the last thing i Nov 16, 2008 Cookie Honda EK 97. Joined engine in so i was inquiring how much work would it take to convert an automatic to an manual. question of auto to manual, Honda Civic: How to Convert 99 ek auto to manual Automatic to Manual.

Converting your 1992 to 2000 Honda Civic automatic to a manual transmission is one of the most rewarding experiences you can have as a Honda enthusiast. Using basic tools and supplies, you can have your newly converted Civic running within a Mar 25, 2010 You will also need 5spd flywheel bolts, as the auto ones are too short.

Be sure to get 6 or so pressure plate bolts as well. Theyre like 1 or so a piece directly from Honda.