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CPIA Publication No. 21 Solid Propellant Mechanical Behavior Manual (Copies may be obtained from the Chemical Propulsion Information Agency, Applied Physics Laboratory, Johns Hopkins University, 8621 Georgia Avenue, Silver Spring, Maryland. ) plastic material used to bond the solid component material to form a flexible explosive. The formulation of explosivePBXN111 shall comply with the requirements specified in table I (see 6.

7). Solid Propellant Mechanical Behavior Manual B. S. Mechanical Engineering, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah, 1959. A. S. Civil 1972 1975 Chemical Aging of Solid Propellant, Thiokol Chemical Corporation Devries, K. L. and Borgmeier, P. R. " Fracture Mechanics Analyses of the Behavior of Adhesion 1994 (published in workshop manual).

148. Perry. They include standard references on such topics as guidelines for determining rocket motor grain design margins of safety; solid propellant mechanical behavior; engineering structural analysis of solid propellants; hazards of chemical rockets and propellants; rocket exhaust plume technology; ramjet design; propellant characterization; scramjet propulsion testing standards, recommended practices, Solid Propellant Mechanical Behavior Manual.

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The Johns Hopkins University Chemical Propulsion Information Agency Hu1e tin Fol. 19. No. 3. r JANNAF Solid Propellant Mechanical Behavior Manual, CPIA Publication 21, Aug 1972; idSolid Rocket Mechanical BehaviorStructural Integrity, Current programs in mechanical behavior of solid propellants, improved binder systems and grain design studies are now beginning to make possible the development of solid rocket motors with high reliability and the accurate prediction of the behavior of the solid rocket motors under service use conditions.

the behavior of propellant under pressure was measured by C. C. Surland, and the change of volume with strain was measured by P. C. Colodny and G. J, Svob under the direction of T. B. Lefferdink.

Viscoelastic mechanical behavior is something between the behavior of elastic spring and viscous fluid. For viscoelastic materials, this relationship is not A composite solid propellant composition based on hydroxyterminated polybutadiene (HTPB) has been tested [20, composed by