Genetec security desk manual procedures

Home Feature notes Remote Security Desk Share this Presentation Genetec Security Center RSA Surveillance addon. Read more. HighlySecure, CloudBased Evidence Management. Leveraging Genetec video and access control systems, law enforcement departments can deploy an allinone solution to manage their interview gtap. genetec. com Security Center Installation and Upgrade Guide 5. 2 SR2 5 EN. 500. 002V5. 2. C2(1) Last updated: May 8, 2013 4 Read the software license terms, select I accept the license terms, and then click Next.

Move away from independent systems and take advantage of a unified view of all your security information. With consolidated monitoring, reporting, and a mapcentric approach to security management, Security Genetec security desk manual procedures allows operators to become more efficient, make better decisions, and respond to incidents more rapidly. Security Desk Cardholders: To find cardholders you'll need to launch the 'Cardholder Management' task.

This task can be launched from either the Config Tool or the Security Desk. There are a couple of ways to search for individual cardholders or groups of Genetec Security Desk User Guide. Omnicast video surveillance, and Synergis access control systems. Security Center Video Unit Configuration Guide.

Provides the preconfiguration instructions for integrating video units into Security Center, and any configuration steps required for some video unit Security Center Video Unit Genetec Security Desk User Guide. Provides the instructions and conceptual information you need to get started Security Desk to monitor and generate reports for AutoVu LPR, Omnicast video surveillance, Synergis access control systems.

This guide is also from the Security Desk online Help. Security Center Synergis Web Client Quick iv genetec. com Security Desk 5. 1 Getting Started Guide EN. 500. 060V5. 1. B(1) Technical support Genetec Technical Assistance Center (GTAC) is committed to providing its worldwide clientele with the best Once logged into the Genetec machine you'll be presented with a desktop containing two icons: 'Config Tool' and 'Security Desk 7.

Depending on what you need to do you can launch one or both of the Config Tool and Security Desk applications. About this guide This guide describes Security Desk features and commands, and provides instruction on how to perform tasks, such as live monitoring of events, video playback and instant replay, report generation,