Aw4 transmission manual shift to fit

Oct 30, 2016 The reason I had the other questions was I was wondering about what the tcm needed to make the transmission shift fully automatic? I read several places about the TPS. use the xj ecm and harness as much as you can so the aw4 works as it should automatically. I swapped an aw4 behind my 4. 2l and it was manual shift only and a massive pain in 3. Transmission Control Unit (TCU) 4. TCU plug and at least foot of wire.

I also got the firewall plug on mine. 5. Torque converter and bolts. 6. Flex plate and spacer with bolts. 7. Dipstick and dipstick tube. 8. Torque converter dust cover upper and lower pieces. 9. Cooler lines. 10. Shifting cable. 11. Trans mount. 12. Kick down cable. Auto TJ Parts 97 or newer. 1. The Aisin Warner AW4 transmission is an automatic shift, fourspeed overdrive transmission used in the Jeep XJ Cherokee and MJ Comanche models. Its only year in the ZJ Grand Cherokee was 1993, and only with the sixcylinder.

Jun 12, 2002 The cable rubber grommet fit perfectly into the old clutch master cylinder hole. I made a custom console and mounted the shifter to it. The information about the transmission shifting I was giving was from the Chrysler service manual. The removal and testing of the AW4 TCU involves manually shifting the transmission from 1st thru D to test Feb 28, 2016 This video is showing a Jeep Cherokee using my AW4 module for sequential gear shifting.

If You are interested please contact me. Module is usable for Jeep wi The AW4 automatic transmission was designed jointly by AMC and Jeep. It was actually produced by AisinWarner. It has four forward speeds and shares many common parts with Aisin A complete writeup detailing the install of the new version manual shifter for an AW4 transmission in a Jeep TJ.

4x4 Axles& Shafts The large hole in the plate is sized to just fit the console shifter. A 1" thick collar with a matching hole, is TIG welded to the plate. If you have done an AW4 swap and you haven't installed a manual May 20, 2015 You should feel a shift from 1st to 2nd, 2nd to 3rd, 3rd to overdrive, then one more" shift". This last" shift" is the converter locking up.

The TQ mod is completely useless, and can easily cause driveability issues if you forget to turn it off when slowing down. May 16, 2011 Topic of the Month AW4 electronic shifter mods. The AW4 is the Asian Warner 4 speed automatic found in most XJs and some ZJs, 21 spline and 23 spline variants.

Computer controllers had different pinout connections for different years. The AW4 uses a combination on mechanical cable shift and electronic solenoid shifting. You can see the torque converter in the above photo.

Those 4 mounting bolts transfer power from the engine into the transmission. Here is an XJ shifter (on the left), the shift cable, and the shifter's indicator panel (P, R, N, D, 3, 1& 2). The shifter and shift cable came out of AMC and Jeep transmissions.

Jump to navigation Jump to search. This The 23spline manual transmission was universal in the Eagle lines and was generally used with sixcylinder applications. All transfer cases were available with inputs matching either 21 or 23spline shafts, making transmission swaps possible among various models and years This automatic transmission rebuild kit from OmixADA fits 8701 Jeep Cherokee XJ and 8692 Jeep MJ Comanches with the AW4 transmission.

Need More Jeep Parts?. Drivetrain Automatic. XJ AW4 ATLAS 4 SPEED SHIFTER The shift tower in this photo as shown would XJ AW4 ATLAS SHIFTER The shifter problem check list: When installing the twin stick shifters, there are These rods fit into the two shift buttons. To prevent the allthread from