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Auto to 6spd Transmission Conversion By Mohd A. Last updated. Auto 6spd This is a guide for Automatic to 6speed transmission conversion for the 9398 Supra Twin Turbo, with many installation photos. Im assuming you already have the basic skills to this swap cost me? it can cost you from few hundred to few Mar 03, 2009 I was wondering how much it would cost to swap my car into being a Manual 5speed transmission.

I know that to replace my transmission now it would cost from 1100 to 1600. Automatic to Manual Transmission Conversion Price? Automatic to Manual Transmission Conversion Price? About how much would it cost to convert auto to manual? You have an old car so I would say you are looking at for the DIY conversion, and since you are in U.

S I believe the parts may be more cheaper(but you know better) I did a conversion on my fwd pulsar and the parts list was: How to upgrade an automatic car driving licence so that you can drive a manual Upgrade an automatic car driving licence to a manual one a debit or credit card to pay for the cost of the test; Oct 18, 2005 Soarer V8 automatic to manual transmission.

Discussion in 'Drivetrain (Members Only)' started by RipperDoc, Aug 3, Basically you'll need a JZZ30 auto to manual conversion kit. Yeah you can get the R series and W series gearbox adaptors in new zealand, but you can also get a full bellhousing for a 1UZ to W series. This might cost from 1000 (Junkyard parts, own labor) to 4000 (drop it at a shop) It can be viable because the automatic it replaces is so expensive to have rebuilt or buy new, and the car's value may not be exceeded by the swap cost Plus the 1.

8t is a lot more fun to drive coupled to a manual How to convert an automatic to manual transmission. By Wayne Scraba, automedia. com Difficulty: Difficult Estimated time: If youre converting an automatic to manual, you could come across some seemingly impossible obstacles. Check out these top DIY cost savers. Marshall Transmissions can convert your vehicle from manual to automatic transmission, as well as converting from manual to power steering.

We recondition power steering units for all types of vehicles. Our conversion kits replace the car's original gearbox with a 5 speed unit including a bellhousing that matches the original.

Welcome to Conversion Components. New Zealand 3283 PhoneFax 64 7 856 0448 General Sales Information: Modifying your vehicle Any changes you make to your vehicle must not put you or others at increased risk when youre on the road. Though it might cost you more upfront, it could save your life. Do I need to complete the LVV certification process? infosheets, standards and Hobby Car Technical Manual published by the LVVTA. If your v8. co. nz Tech Feature The howto workshop: Commodore automatictomanual conversion Words: Connal Grace Photos: Adam Croy The howto workshop: Commodore automatic tomanual conversion Want to maximize the fun factor of your commodore?

then youll need to ditch the auto transmission for a manual.