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The Plant Quarantine Manual aims to provide a clear understanding of the conditions of entry into Victoria for plant and plant products, and other materials which may host plant pests or diseases. The Plant Quarantine Manual is designed particularly for commercial trade.

Members of the travelling public may have difficulty in meeting some requirements or obtaining some services PLANT QUARANTINE MANUAL. 1. All conveyances, mechanized harvesting equipment, seedconditioning equipment, grain elevators and structures used for storing and handling. wheat, durum wheat, or triticale required to be cleaned and disinfected under this subpart must be PLANT QUARANTINE MANUAL 3254.

COTTON PEST State Exterior Quarantine A quarantine is established against the following pest, its hosts and possible carriers. A. Pest. Boll weevil, Anthonomus grandis. B. Area Under Quarantine. All states and districts of the National Plant Board: PQNIC Guidelines 1 National Plant Board Plant Quarantine, Nursery Inspection and Certification Guidelines March 30, 2015 NSW Department of Primary Industries has a lead role in preventing, responding to, and overseeing the recovery from invasion or spread of plant pests and diseases.

NSW DPI works closely with plant industries, other jurisdictions and the general public to put sound biosecurity policies in place This is the online version of the Plant Quarantine Manual (PQM), prepared by the Pest Exclusion Branch of CDFA's Plant Health and Pest Prevention Services Division.

The documents are available as plain text (HTML) or PDF files. For requirements to introduce plant material and plantrelated material into the NT or to move material within the Territory read the plant quarantine manual (1. 0 mb). Next Plant import permits New South Wales Biosecurity Manual November 2016. plant quarantine requirements in accordance with the Memorandum of Understanding on Interstate New South Wales Biosecurity Manual NSW Department of Primary Industries 9 Mandatory Measures Animal Pests and Diseases Braula Fly Carriers NSW Plant Quarantine Manual, which is an invaluable resource to allow business and individual to check quickly and easily if produce is permitted from particular states and territories and if so what the requirements are.

About the Plant Quarantine Manual for New South Wales The section Moving plant products into and within New South Wales sets out the movement conditions for regulated items.

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