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NAIA STATISTICAL NEWS Fourth Edition Jan. 11, 2009 Steve Wilson TXT or pack a file if youre using Stat Crew. We all want our Web sites to be the first with the score, but before putting it up there, take a minute to send the file to the other school, whether Basketball Statistical Manual A: For basketball, run the Manual Entry feature.

On the Initial Game Data Setup window, for the team that will lose by forfeit, enter the word forfeit (must be lower case) in the Home or Visitor Team Record field, depending on which team is forfeiting. According to the College Basketball Manual on Statistics the Statisticians job is as followsThe statisticians responsibility is to judge only what has happened, not to speculate as to what would have happened. 32 Winning Basketball Plays 96 page eBook. Plus youll get ALL updates to this website delivered to your inbox for free.

Over 100, 000 other coaches, players, & parents have already subscribed. Discover the current NCAA DI Men's College Basketball leaders in every statistical category, as well as historic leaders The DakStats Basketball Quick Start Guide. is the best place to start if you are just learning DakStats or need a refresher DakStats Basketball Manual The DakStats Basketball Manual contains detailed information about setting up The interface reduces the duties of the operators while giving fans access to dynamic statistical content on stat panels, video displays, and message centers.

Available for baseball, basketball, football, hockey, and volleyball. DakStats Baseball Software Display Manual to the DakStats Baseball Software Operation Manual (DD ). 1. 1 Software Conventions o Either doubleclick a stat to increase it by one, doublerightclick to decrease by one, or Discontinued Products.

Although we may not offer some products anymore, we realize these products may still be in use at your facility. If the manual you are looking for cannot be found on this page, check out our discontinued products page. Refer to the DakStats WebSync Setup Guide (ED ) or the DakStats WebSync Operation Manual (DD ) for instructions on setting up the WebSync service.

9 Webcast DakStats Webcast allows the user to easily broadcast a live playbyplay Webcast of games to the Internet for fans and media to view. such as conferences or Stat Crew Software is the official scoring software application for hundreds of teams and sports information offices around the county, for capturing and reporting statistics in nine sports. It includes official boxscore and playbyplay, as well as complete reports for game season, career and conference statistics.

For IE users: To see background colors: Tools Internet Options Advanced Check" print background colors and images". With basketball season in full swing, we wanted to discuss what we've seen from the files generated by the different scoring softwares you are using and share what we think is the easiest way to get complete stats into the PrestoSports Network for your games. Stat Crew Basketball Interface Product Specifications. DakStats Basketball Interface Product Specifications.

Gameinprogress. The list of data provided for basketball and other sports is listed in the All Sport 5000 Enhanced RTD Reference Manual.