Aerograph sprite manual treadmill

Aerograph Spares We are the official manufacturer of Aerograph products and here you will find spares for Aerograph Super 63, Super 93, Sprite Major and Sprite airbrushes. Previous known as DeVilbiss Aerograph, the Aerograph brand has been associated with quality airbrushes and accessories for over 100 years. DeVilbiss Aerograph Sprite Major This airbrush is from England There is no rocker( back lever ) and the needle is attached to the needle guide which is then attached to a screw in section in between the handle and airbrush body.

Air Brush Assembly& Instruction Manual SAVE THIS MANUAL You will need this manual for safety warnings, precautions, operation, inspection, maintenance, cleaning procedures, parts mbly diagram. Sep 07, 2007В  Re: Aerograph airbrush you had a deal i missed that one hehe, anyway its a later one not the vintage aerograph company one, so if the nozzle is a drop in not threaded, the super 63 you have without a reserve cup is all Hello, I was wondering if someone could give me some info (age, how much it's worth) about this airbrush.

I still have the little case it came in. On the inside of the lid in gold letters on blueish purple velvet is: TRADE MARK AEROGRAPH THE AEROGRAPH CO. LTD 43. HOLBORN VIADUSIL LONDON. EC. The Oct 03, 2014 Do you know the exact model you have, e. g. aerograph 63, 93, or sprite, Aerograph sprite manual treadmill will need to know this if you need to order parts, perhaps you can put up a photo of it, so I can drool over it, Madbrush, Oct 3, 2014 Aug 08, 2009 Home of devilbiss.

at that time the biggest sales were achieved by badger so devilbiss decided to revamp and modify the Sprite major as it was named. I was asked to test several prototypes and modifications were made accordingly. Feb 24, 2013 Aerograph SPRITE AND SPRITE MAJOR USER'S HANDBOOK Health& Beauty question May 24, 2010 devillbis Aerograph airbrush connection help? General Topicsplease ask questions at the Questions Board. PLEASE INTRODUCE YOURSELF NEW MEMBERS!

but I have not been able to identify anything for the Aerograph Sprite, which is a much smaller artistmodeler airbrush.