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Sep 03, 2008 Another has a Hammond T212 for 500. To my uneducated eyes, both these prices look pretty darn good for real vintage instruments. Now, I understand that some models are not as desirable as others, and I'm not really familiar with the ups and downs of any of them. Hammond B400 Combo Organ Comprehensive Service Manual, covers all of the following models including the B3& C3 as well as info on all of the early tone cabinets. Detailed operation, fault diagnoses, repair and overhaul procedures.

Hammond Organ Introductiory Section Service Manual. HO This Manual was put out Originally to introduce the Hammond service engineers with a description of all the Hammond Organ models to date. 10 rowsВ  A Tseries Hammond, when working properly, will give you many features I own a Hammond T212 spinet organ and the lower manual has stopped working (no sound on either Answered by a verified Electronic Musical Instrument Expert What is the value of Hammond organ model T 2121? looking for a copy of the Lowrey Genius Manual to the G500 GX1 will pay for copy of books call or email Aug 14, 2011 My Hammond organ that I bought yesterday for 250.

I just replaced the speaker on the Leslie side of the unit, the original one had a broke wire. Now all I h Sep 04, 2008 Hammond Organs; Hammond H182? T212? Decent organs? Hammond H182? T212? Decent organs? Tseries Hammonds seem to give less trouble than the Hseries. I fixed up a T212 for my brother a couple of years ago and I've got a T422 lurking in storage to work on. Pedals seem to give the most trouble on those. Feb 14, 2016В  This is how my Hammond T212 sounds after doing some maintenance on it!

Nothing can beat the sound of a Hammond organ with a