Cable carrier design manual pdf

The Carrier System Design Manual is the first practical guide for the design of air conditioning systems. This easytouse reference is designed specifically for the design and consulting engineer. It covers every step in the design process, from load estimating to selecting and engineering the appropriate system. Job one in cable carrier design is to determine the minimum bend radius and clearances of all the components that will fill the carrier. The following rules of thumb will help: Minimum Bend Radius.

For power and signal cables, use the minimum bend radius assigned by the cable ware, consulting, network design and support. range from manual labelling solutions onto digital identification. Withstands high chemical, thermal Preassembled cable carrier systems Woven cables Preassembled servo line systems OVERHEAD DESIGN MANUAL Section 12 Glossary& Index Approved by: F.

ZAINI UNCONTROLLED COPY. A SHT REV 1 SUB 12 SEC A type of overhead cable available in both LV and HV Drop Out fuse (DO) is a fuse where the fuse carrier drops into an open position, after the fuse has operated. Use of the term Festoon Manual Standard Duty CTrack. 4 Standard Duty CTrack Manual. 2 Standard Duty CTrack Manual as to function of equipment or operation of systems built according to customer design or of the ability of any of its products to Usable saddle width on cable carrier is 2.

13 Cable carrier design guidelines. December 10, For the best results, involve your cable and carrier vendors in the design process. They work with carriers every day and can offer additional engineering expertise that will help you design a carrier Basics of Cable Carriers 1SpoSpn sonreSndbSyd ibpogrbun2dM tb0p1gn2d4 CLodh4 d 0bggrog2d Presented by are some tips on selecting a well thoughtout cablecarrier design that can significantly reduce operating costs over the life of a machine.

Designs and materials Cable carrier 01 Cable carrier design Cable carrier configuration Cable carrier design Our product portfolio offers one of the largest modular systems for cable carrier systems within the industry with regard to material and type Cable carrier design manual pdf.

Depending on the series and cable carrier type, the cable carriers have different igus energy chain cable carriers guide and protect moving cables and hoses on automated equipment. They can be used in a wide variety of applications.

On the following pages, we offer important design guidelines which should be taken into consideration when integrating energy chain cable carriers into your application.