Polytec laser vibrometer manuals

all scanning laser vibrometers and a powerful software package designed for quick setup. Scan grids are de Hardware manual, software manual, and theory manual PSVI500 Scanning Head Dimensions [W x L x H 238 mm x 384 mm x 163 mm (9. 4 in x 15. 1 in x 6. 4 in) Polytec File Access API for retrieval of Polytec data via external Polytec manufactures a wide range of laser vibrometers that are the acknowledged goldstandard for noncontact vibration measurement.

No matter your measurement need in research, development and production or even for longterm monitoring, there is a Polytec system to provide the answer. PSV400 Scanning Vibrometer Fast Accurate At the heart of every Polytec PSV400 system is the laser Doppler vibrometer a very precise optical transducer used for determining the vibration velocity and displacement at a point On manual or remote action, the PSV400 Polytecs laser vibrometers have become the globally recognized standard for noncontact vibration measurements.

But thats hardly surprising, since the extensive range of products offers you solutions to virtually any vibrationrelated issue in research, development, production and longterm monitoring. Polytec Scanning Vibrometers are stateoftheart for noise and vibration measurement in Research and Devel vibrometer HeNe Laser (633 nm) Laser type, PSVG500 Geometry Scan Unit1 Hardware manual, software manual, and theory manual.

The light source of the vibrometer is a helium neon laser. It is important to To display and analyze measurement results on a workstation, the Polytec Vibrometer Software (VibSoft) is available optionally. The software is described in a separate manual. Figure 2. 1: Signals in the vibrometer User Manual Laser Vibrometer OFV Controller Sensor Head ManOFV e01 OFV2200 OFV303 2 Warranty and Service The warranty for this equipment complies with the regulations in our general terms and conditions in their respective valid version.

Dec 05, 2011 Introduction to measurements with a Polytec Scanning Laser Vibrometer PSV400. The measurement of deflection shapes at low and ultrasonic frequencies is shown along with the measurement process. Polytec Laser Doppler Vibrometers are used to precisely measure mechanical vibrations, quickly, easily and free from massloading or feedback problems.

They operate on the Doppler principle, The OFV2500 Vibrometer Controller Series OFV Vibrometer Controller Basic model featuring vibration velocity demodu Title User Manual Laser Doppler Vibrometer Controller OFV3001 The light source of the vibrometer is a helium neon laser. It is important to Polytec vibrometers are instruments for noncontact measurement of surface vibrations based on laser interferometry.

The vibrometer consists of the. The