Radio r 123m manually

Tune in desired station manually. 3. Push button all the way in. Tone Control OffOn Volume Control Sensitivity Manual When aligning the signal seeker tuner type radio, be sure to use sure to follow the alignment sequence given(Notice that the primary of 123M 19 ' BRDM2 R5 command vehicle with R130 and R123M radios, R323 and R870M receivers (R870M is used to receive transmissions sent out by the reconnaissance aircraft), two sword antennas and an AZI frame antenna.

It also has mounts for a frame antennae on the right side of the top of the hull. The 1V13 has a crew of 6 and is equipped with a PAB2AM aiming circle, range finders, an automatic data processing system APK or APPK, three radio sets R123M (or R173) and an observation device PV1 on top of the turret. BMD2 Airborne Infantry Fighting Vehicle The BMD2 is a variant of the BMD1 with a new oneman turret with the gunner seated on the left and a single piece circular frontopening hatch cover.

This is a complete list of variants and designations of the BMP1 infantry fighting vehicle (IFV). It is sorted by country of origin. Variants Former Soviet Union Infantry fighting vehicles BMP (Ob'yekt 764) The original main prototype of the BMP1 was developed by the design bureau of the Chelyabinsk Tractor Works (ChTZ) and built in 1965. The T64 is a Soviet main battle tank, introduced in the early 1960s. the radio by mounting a R123M night vision with a TBN4PA for the Radio r 123m manually and a TNP165A for the tank leader.

His battlepost was transformed by mounting a small stabilised turret with an antiaircraft NSVT 12. 7 mm x108 machine gun, electrically guided through an optical RKhM401 improved version with more modern equipment, including the GSA13, IMD1R, ASP12 systems, a PGO11 semiautomatic detection device, R171M and R173M radios instead of the older R123M.

220mm Multiple Rocket Launcher The 9P140 Uragan (previously referred to incorrectly as BM22) is the worlds first modern fin and spinstabilized heavy rocket system. The BM27 was first seen in 1977, hence the preliminary designation MRL M1977.

9K51 BM21 Grad (Hail) 9A51 Prima Sakr18 [Egyptian 122mm Multiple Rocket Launcher The 122mm 40tube multiple launch rocket system Grad (Hail), with a firing range of up to 20 km, was introduced into operational service with the Russian Army in 1963 [and initially designated in the West as the M1964.

The BM21 is unquestionably the worlds most widely used MRL. R113 HF radio device was produced 1950. in the Soviet Union. R123M" Tank" Radio Set.

He has done automatically or manually, depending of the signal of outerly devices RUP12, because he has activated a signal from the squelch system.