Rai manual ard dates

Intro to the RAI process and RAI Manual Intro to transmission system How Assessment Reference Date (ARD) determines look back periods for MDS items. Major sectionbysection coding instructions, including Rai manual ard dates definitions and intent, with focus on RUG and Quality Items.

CMSs RAI Version 3. 0 Manual CH 2: Assessments for the RAI CMSs approval of a states RAI covers the core items included on the instrument, the wording and sequencing of those items, and all definitions and instructions for the RAI. CMSs RAI Version 3. 0 Manual CH 6: Medicare SNF PPS CHAPTER 6: MEDICARE SKILLED NURSING FACILITY PROSPECTIVE PAYMENT SYSTEM (SNF PPS) 6. 1 Background The Balanced Budget Act of 1997 included the implementation of a Medicare Prospective Assessment Reference Date (ARD) CMSs RAI Version 2.

0 CH 2: Using the RAI RevisedDecember 2002 Page 21 CHAPTER 2: THE ASSE SSMENT SCHEDULE FOR THE RAI This chapter presents the instructions for the completion of the mandated clinical and The last day of this observation period is the Assessment Reference Date (ARD). This CMSs RAI Version 3. 0 Manual CH 2: Assessments for the RAI May 2013 Page 21 CHAPTER 2: ASSESSMENTS FOR THE RESIDENT ASSESSMENT INSTRUMENT (RAI) This chapter presents the assessment types and instructions for the completion (including timing stay when establishing the Assessment Reference Date (ARD) for The July 26 update of Appendix B to the RAI Manual contains changes to the list of State RAI Coordinators, MDS Automation Coordinators, RAI Panel members, and Regional Office contacts.

The file is located in the Related Links section below. The MDS 3. 0 Track Changes are the changes made to the manual after the manual was completed. You can find the full RAI manual including the Track Changes on the CMS website, just search the CMS website for MDS 3. 0 and you will find the online RAI manual. Staff establish the Assessment Reference Date as September 8, which means that September 8 is th e final day of the observation period for all MDS items (i. e.count back 6 days before the ARD to determine the period of observation for 7day items,