Vox v810 valve tone manual

Korg USA proivided this point of purchase pedal display to US Vox dealers in 1998. It included a V810 ValveTone, a V847 Vox Wah and a Vox V830 Distortion Booster. 6 user reviews on Vox V810 ValveTone. Just to add here that I post in the forum" hands in the camboui" small change ultra classic but devilishly bnfique: changing the transistor 4558 Texas Instrument valvetone with a" real" JRC4558D. Jun 17, 2012 My amp was (and still is) a 90's Vox AC15TBX, which are supposed to hate tube screamers but the V810 worked well with it.

My main ODs today are both BJFE, an EGDM into a HBOD. I can't imagine parting with those to go back to the Vox, but that is just because of how touch sensitive to your playing the BJFE's are, as far as pure tone the Vox was Find great deals on eBay for vox valve tone v810.

Shop with confidence. Jan 06, 2011В  The Valvetone is a good pedal IF you are looking for a tube screamer clone, which is essentially what it is. I bought one the first year they made them (I Aug 07, 2005 Vox V810 Valve Tone? Collapse. X. Collapse. Vox v810 valve tone manual Latest Activity; Search. Page of 1. Prev Next. Filter. Time. All Time Today Last Week Last Month.

Show. All Discussions only Photos only Videos only Links only Polls only Events only. Filtered by: Vox Valve Tone pedals modded for better tone and warmth. Price 45. 00 vox v810 valvetone Captain Pet AFrame Dog Kennel Natural Solid Wooden Dog House Mar 28, 2013 Mix vox valve tone YouTube; GUITAR TONE VOX AC30C2 6 GUITARS Duration: 2: 19.

jAMMAN798 18, 960 views. 2: 19. VOX Duel Overdrive Tube Overdive CT07DO Duration: 3: 04. used article of the VOX V810. As the name of the valve tone, is the hot distortion similar to driving a tube amp. By all means If you already are looking for because it is a model that has not been produced. Accessories: box, instruction manual. VOX V810 ValveTone. Oct 09, 2012 Demonstration of Vox ValveTone V810 everything set at flat Vox.

Push a good valve amp hard and it will produce a warm, overdrive sound. That's the sound the VOX ValveTone was created to deliver. The V810 ValveTone responds just like a valve amp.

Vox introduced two new guitar effects pedals in the summer of 1998. Similar to a" tube screamer, " the Vox V810" Valvetone" pedal was designed to simulate the tone of an overdriven guitar amplifier. Jul 15, 2014 Vox V810 ValveTone Yup. Vox made TS.

I omitted the overly complex power supply section and transistor based LED operation. Input and output buffers are 2SC2389 in the original units. You could also use those instead of 2N N5089. Just mind the pinout. Schematic i have has the output pulldown resistor at 1K, which seems way too