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Hirth 2704 Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Hirth 2704 Service Manual Considering The Hirth Engine They purposely design their torque curve to come up high in the RPM range, which makes them wind up quick. Not one to brag, Dandar points out that the Hirth 2702 (40hp) and 2704 (50hp) models have never had a crankshaft failure of any type. The 2702 is our small high torque low RPM engine. Like it's big brother, the 3202 it's a low RPM powerhouse, at an incredible 5500 rpm this little engine is producing 40hp and it's pumping out 39ftlbs of torque at only 4500 rpm.

Hirth 2702 Ultralight And Experimental Aircraft Engine. Special designHigh TorqueLow Rpm Engine. The 2702 produces 40 hp at only 5500 rpm while building an View and Download Hirth 2704 service manual Hirth 2702 manual high school. 2704 Engine pdf manual download. Feb 11, 2013 Help! ! Hirth 2706 driving us crazy! ! Hi all! ! Lean the high part power mixture but keep the same WOT mixture if you are at the EGT limit.

The engine can operate above the published WOT egt limit at lower power settings. WOT Wide Open Throttle. Hirth has a good fuel enjection system. I would look to reinstall the fuel injection and get May 31, 2013 Offered without reserve, this Hirth 2702 motor is about 13 years old.

Documentation is included, and total time on the engine is believed to be 280 hours. We repaired the redrive and replaced the starter motor with a new one.

Hirth 2702 2 cycle 40hp S pecial designHigh TorqueLow Rpm Engine. The 2702 produces 40 hp at only 5500 rpm while building an impressive torque of 39 ft lbs. at only 4500 rpm. Hirth 2702. The Hirth 2702, 40 HP is the smallest inline twin that Hirth produces. The 2702 is a very reliable and economical engine. The Hirth 3202, 55 HP engine is a low rpm, high torque engine, making its peak power at 5500 RPM.

It is a very powerful engine that works very well on many two seat light sport aircraft. This is an ideal Read this operator's manual thoroughly before putting the engine into operation for the first time and comply.

The 2702 engine (Figure ) of GblerHirthmotoren KG is a two cylinder inline twostroke engine heads consist of a special hypereutectic aluminium alloy that resists high temperatures while maintaining. Welcome to Manual. Welcome back for another great year at duPont Manual High. We are all excited about the upcoming school year.

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