Igbt vector inverter ls 600 manual

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The LS 600 DA P contains an interface adapter that checks the Profibus messages on the light reception side and suppresses messages that are not compatible with Profibus. The signals are regenerated in a bit and char acter conform manner. of the inverter to set C29 (the communication transport address) and C28 (inverter operation mode) at" 1" in order for the control of all operating functions transferred to the RS232 serial communication control at the computer.

Function selection key A: lncrease Programmable Read key Inverter starting key key PRGM READ RUN STOPRESET Stopreset key (Reset when inverter fault) It will be automatically The read key of 600 series is not established. 0 0 B STOP!

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IPM 12 A, 600 V 3phase IGBT inverter bridge including 2 control ICs for gate driving and freewheeling diodes 3. 3 V, 5 V TTLCMOS inputs with hysteresis (one LS and one HS driver) with an improved shortcircuit rugged trench gate fieldstop (TFS) IGBT, making it ideal for motor drives The carrier wave frequency means the switching time on IGBT module.

Its range is 3kHz15kHz. High carrier wave frequency: Low noise, large IGBT losing, high key to restart the Inverter or cut off the power supply and restart the Inverter Refer to manual for operating Check parameter C27 Seek noise source such as electromagnetic